AQUILA Capital Investment | ZETA
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Finding sources of funding for the businesses
Zeta Sp. z o.o.


As a part of these activities we provide consultations and implement comprehensive projects related to obtaining funds for companies from various sources currently available
at the market.

  1. EU grants provided as a part of European and national programmes (central and local)
  2. Funding from Social Security Office (ZUS)
  3. Norway grants
  4. Switzerland grants
  5. other


Our services are comprehensive and they are comprised of the following activities:

  1. Analysis of the company for its chances to obtain funds
  2. Development of business plan and/or financial analysis for the purpose of application for funding
  3. Preparation of application for funds with all annexes
  4. Consultation services in the area of compiling documentation necessary for application
  5. Ongoing monitoring of the progress of verification of the application in terms of both its content and formalities, up to the moment of application approval and signing
    the funding agreement
  6. Supervision of the granting project in order to ensure that granted funds are not recalled due to procedural nonconformities
  7. Project settlement


We offer comprehensive services for all our Clients, but the actual scope of cooperation always depends on your needs and expectations.


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