AQUILA Capital Investment | Pro bono
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Pro bono

As a capital group we strive to actively support the activities that would show the social responsibility of our organisation in our environment. Through our activities, we would like to support and activate the people that have a good idea for a business, but have no idea on how to launch and manage it. We are concentrated on helping young people, addressing our services especially to higher education students. However, everyone that considers the idea of starting their own business can use our support. This is the primary goal of the Pro bono services which are provided as a part of the activities of Enterprise Development Foundation AQUILA that we launched. Apart from the objective mentioned above, the foundation has a number of other goals that were listed in the charter. Those objectives are related to the business activities of the companies that belong to our group.


Basic statutory objectives of our foundation include:

We encourage you to follow our activities

  1. Development of Polish enterprise and improvement of the management quality
  2. Testing and development of modern methods of improving the performance of management processes in Polish companies and organisations
  3. Testing and development of the tools and methods of business optimisation, management and supporting processes that are used in Polish enterprises and other organisations
  4. Testing and development of tools and methods that increase the quality awareness in Polish companies and organisations
  5. Testing and development of tools that are used to improve the environmental performance of systems and processes implemented at Polish companies and organisations
  6. Testing and development of tools that are used to improve the security of systems and processes implemented at Polish companies and organisations
  7. Occupational development, increasing qualification, knowledge and skills of young adults
  8. Occupational development, increasing qualifications, knowledge, skills and competence of students and graduates, and improvement of their chances on the labour market
  9. Increasing awareness in the area of running the business (own company) among the students, graduates of universities and secondary schools and other social groups that
    are at a disadvantage in the labour market
  10. Activities related to increasing the occupational mobility, self-employment, creating new workplaces and adaptation of employees, companies and entrepreneurs to changes
  11. Activities that contribute to economic development, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity