AQUILA Capital Investment | Law Office
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Law Office


Business Law Office


Our law office specialises in providing B2B (business to business) services, especially in the area of:

  1. Debt collection
  2. Commercial law
  3. Administrative law
  4. Public procurement
  5. Intellectual property law


Our services include the following:

  1. Legal advice and consultations
  2. Preparation of legal opinions and pleadings
  3. Preparation and providing feedback on the drafts of contracts, charters, regulations and other legal documents
  4. Legal representation in the courts of all instances, administrative courts, arbitration courts, and public authorities
  5. Support at negotiations
  6. Evaluation of the compliance of the activities of companies with all applicable laws and other regulations which the company is obliged to follow, especially in the area of:
    • Environmental protection
    • OHS
    • Chemical substances management
    • Food safety
    • Personal data protection
    • Distribution and storage of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and medicinal and medical products


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