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Epsilon Marketing Solutions

Creating image and brand, export development
Epsilon Marketing Solutions


As a part of this activities we provide the services in the area of:

  1. Creating company image and building a stable market position, including the services related to:
    • Crisis Public Relations
    • Company image studies
    • Internet PR
    • Image and marketing communication
    • Internal PR


  1. Effective marketing, including:
    • Consumer studies
    • Marketing research
    • Research on comparison of the status of local market and selected foreign markets
    • Preparation of macroeconomic reports
    • Product testing


  1. Planning and implementation of long and short-term export strategies, including in particular:
    • Conducting marketing analysis and preparation of export development plans and long-term strategies
    • Operational support in the process of implementation of export development plans and strategies, including:
      • organising participation in trade fairs
      • organising economic missions
      • finding and acquiring business partners
      • obtaining certificates and permits
      • development of financial strategies
      • creating the concept of image on the foreign markets


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