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E-learning training courses
AQP Sp. z o.o.


As a part of these activities, we provide our Clients with access to e-learning training sessions and courses. This offer is addressed to the people who are unable to participate in regular training courses, or who would like to gain new knowledge at the time that is most convenient for them. E-training can be done by everyone interested in a given subject, regardless of their knowledge, professional experience, age, and knowledge of computer programs and tools. All you need to take part in a selected training, is a computer, web browser and internet access. What distinguishes the e-learning training courses is not only their availability, far better in comparison to regular courses, but also much lower prices.
Apart from the access to e-training, our platforms allows the people who are responsible for training process in a given organisation to supervise the progress of the employees that participate in the training courses on the platform. This allows to determine which of the employees have already started the training, which of them have not yet begun, and who has already passed the exam and completed the course (in case of training that ends with the exam).


The e-training courses we offer are characterised by:

  1. Significantly lower prices in comparison to traditional training courses and reduction of all additional training costs (travel, accommodation expenses, travel allowance)
  2. Minimal amount of the formalities that need to be completed in order to start e-training on our platform
  3. Comprehensibility and clarity of the presentations, achieved by incorporation of the best available e-learning practices and tools
  4. Presentation including the slides supported by narration provided the people with both theoretical knowledge and many years of professional experience
  5. In case of competence courses: online exams in the form of tests and task developed using the latest tools, specially designed for interactive content
  6. Detailed and comprehensive, as well as understandable slides and materials, including interactive exercises which enrich the process of acquiring new knowledge (depending
    on the type of training)
  7. Possibility to divide a really substantial amount of material into several pieces, which can be done during the training availability period


All you need to do to start a training on our platform, is registration, purchasing the training online or by contacting our office, and making the training available to yourself
or to the user assigned to a given account.


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