AQUILA Capital Investment | About us
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About us


We provide advice and legal support for beginning entrepreneurs that would like to begin their adventure with business and register and launch a company in accordance with all applicable regulations. The form of our services is meant to be most effective and adapted to the purposes specified by our Clients.

We help companies and institutions to boost their operation’s efficiency and performance, and improve their ability to accomplish their business and statutory objectives.
Our mission is fulfilled by providing our Clients with comprehensive examinations and analyses, consulting services and training on modern management methods, as well as outsourcing
the supportive processes (so called back office) and marketing services and helping with obtaining funds.

Management system

In order to ensure an appropriate quality of our services, security of the data we process, as well as continuity of our processes and their resistance to interference, we have implemented
the integrated management system compliant with international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 22301:2012 within the entire Group.

All employees and co-operators follow the system regulations which allows us to ensure its effectiveness. Our system is constantly modified to address all changes in the environment
and – in particular – our Client’s needs and expectations.


A combination of expert knowledge and professional experience allows our specialists to realise even the most advanced and complex projects for a variety of Clients. Our employees’ high qualifications are a foundation of our Group, guaranteeing the positive effects of cooperation with our Clients.


Our head office is located in a historic building of Federation of Engineering Associations – former residence of the Silesian Parliament. Location in the very heart of Wroclaw, nearby the Main Railway Station, allows everyone to easily reach our office and find comfortable accommodation. The facilities in this historic building allows us to provide both the training sessions
for several participants and conferences for over 300 people, which is a considerable advantage.

Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity Policy

Cooperation of different people with interdisciplinary knowledge on management systems, law and administrative process, allowed us to achieve the effect of synergy which enables
us to accomplish the objectives – common for our Clients and for us. With the results of the enhancement of our intellectual potential, we provide comprehensive services to all our Clients,
even the most demanding ones. At the same time, we ensure that costs are at the level that is most satisfying for both parties.

Years of experience of our advisors and coaches, constant access to latest management tools, methods and standards, and above all – highly qualified and fully competent team of employees and partners allow us to provide even highly complex services, in a way that ensures a high quality of the services, security of provided data, and stability, punctuality
and continuity of the projects we carry out.

The strategy we established constitutes a basis for setting the goals and tasks for all employees and partners.
They are founded on the following strategic objectives:

  1. Constantly increasing the level of our Clients satisfaction from provided services
  2. Taking care of the recognized image of our company as a reliable and trustworthy business partner
  3. Providing the security of the information entrusted us as a part of the projects we realize
  4. Ensuring the resistance of the projects we realize to the actions that could interfere with the project continuity

The objectives are accomplished through the following:

  1. Using appropriate tools and system solutions, relevant to the individual projects and contracts, and close supervision of those tools, in order to guarantee that all Client’s requirements and all applicable laws are all met
  2. By recruiting new advisors, coaches and experts that meet high qualification requirements we determined, we constantly increase intellectual potential of the Group and broaden the scope of the our offer, in response to our Clients’ expectations
  3. Constantly improving our services by systematic training provided to our team, and through exchange of experiences between our advisors, coaches and experts that specialise in different areas of activities
  4. Constantly improving organisation of work and internal processes that influence our performance and contribute to the growth of our company on the market
  5. Cooperation only with proven external specialist and experts that meet our requirements, and the requirements of our Clients and applicable laws
  6. Implementation of tasks and programmes that are aimed at constant increase of the quality of provided services, level of information security and resistance to the actions that could interfere with the continuity of the projects were realize