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Review our worldwide carrer opportunities.

Strategy – the prospect of customers

Continually improving customer satisfaction and ensuring long-established image
of reliable business partner

Strategy – financial

Permanently increasing the economic potential to enable investments
and expanding our offer

Strategy – the prospect of growth and learning

Permanently increasing the intellectual potential of the Group and employees
as a determinant of continuous development

Strategy – the perspective of internal processes

Continuous improvement of work organization and internal processes affecting our efficiency

Meet our Group

AQUILA Capital Investment

The activities of the companies that compose the AQUILA capital group are concentrated on provision of comprehensive support to businesses. The actions that are performed
by individual operational companies or realised as a part of particular projects,
are always fully complementary. This ensures that our Clients’ problems are always approached in an integral way by the teams of specialists.


Pro bono services

Enterprise Development Foundation AQUILA

Pro bono services in the area of Polish enterprise development, focusing particularly on the young people who would like to start their own business or who has just begun their adventure with business. Improving the quality of the management among entrepreneurs
and organisations at the Polish market.


Educational services

Traditional training

We provide educational services, as a complementary activity to all business processes that are performed
by individual units from our group. The training sessions
and courses we provide can be either dedicated
(closed training for a limited number of recipients)
or open.


Educational services

E-learning training

With our e-learning platform we can provide access
to knowledge for the people who, for various reasons,
are unable to participate in traditional training courses.
The platform not only allows the users to gain new competences, but also makes it possible to supervise
the educational processes of the employees from
a given organisation.